Conferences and meetings

Conferences, workshops and meetings organised or attended by Europeana Inside.


6-4 November: MUTEC Leipzig. The Museum of the future – more beautiful, larger, digital and cross-linked, Leipzig

22 October: ECK launch in The Netherlands

17 September: Sector Launch Event in London

10 September: CIDOC Conference of the Committee for Documentation of ICOM, Dresden
Presentation by Nathalie Poot (KMKG)
CIDOC 2014: EU INSIDE short paper

17-19 July: 46th Annual Meeting of the Association of Hungarian Librarians, Sopron.

25-26 June: OpenCulture 2014, London

20-21 March 2014: Deutsches Kulturerbe auf dem Weg in die Europeana II

20 March 2014: Lecture on digital access to Cultural Heritage, The Hage (NL)

18 and 27 March 2014: Digitale Collectie stearing committee and users board, Hilversum (NL)

12 March 2014: National kick-off for Europeana 1914-1918 campaign in the Netherlands, The Hage (NL)

4 March 2014: Quality Stamp Digital Heritage, The Hage (NL)

12 February 2014: Linking Mutual Heritage, Amersfoort (NL)

6 February 2014: Digital Access to Cultural Heritage, The Hage (NL)

5 February 2014: Workshop on earing models, Amsterdam (NL)

29-31 January 2014 Salon International des Musées, Paris (FR)

29 January 2014 Scotsman Conference – “The digital Fabric of Scotland, the Challenge of stitching it together”, Edinburgh (UK)


12 December 2013: Symposium File management De Ree, Den Bosch (NL)

2-3 December 2013: DISH, Rotterdam

29 November 2013: Network Digital Heritage, The Hage

27 November 2013: Open Heritage Coffee, Arnhem

21 November 2013: UKB bijzondere collectie, Amsterdam

19 November 2013: CultureCloud bijeenkomst, Den Bosch

11 November 2013: ICOM Portugal - Encontros do Outono “Sistemas de Informação em Museu; estado da arte em Portugal”

8-9 November 2013: EVA Berlin, Berlin

7 November 2013: Digitale Collectie klankbord, Haarlem (NL)

28 October-1 November 2013: Digital Heritage 2013, Marseille

10 October: Seminar Virtual Exhibitions Art History, Leiden (NL)

14 October: Berliner Herbsttreffen zur Museumsdokumentation, Berlin(DE)

3-4 October 2013 Museumcongres, Den Bosch (NL)

29-31 July 2013: EVA London, London
                        > view presentation by Eva van Passel and Olga van Oost

10-11 June 2013: MUSEUM@DIGIT, Budapest
                        > view agenda

5 June 2013: Dutch National Aggregation Event, Amersfoort

8 May 2013: Annual Assembly of German Museum Association, Munich

25 April 2013: 10th European EMu User Conference, Newcastle

25 April 2013: Meeting of the Flemish Association of Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (VVBAD) at Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels

24 April 2013: Múzeumi informatikáról – Múzeumoknak, Budapest

15 April 2013: Digitisation Doctor (Digi Doc) Workshop of Wellcome Library, London
                          >view presentation by Carlien Fokke and Katie Smith
26-28 March 2013: Networkshop 2013, Sopron

26 February 2013: Forum of Federal librarians, Brussels

25 January 2013: Carare workshop - Royal Library, Brussels

3 January 2013: Seminar for students of Information Sciences University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Berlin


7 December 2012: National Museums Director Conference - European Funding seminar, London

27 November 2012: Europeana Network AGM 2012, Berlin

19 November 2012: SSL Index+ User Group Meeting, London 
                                >view presentation by Carlien Fokke and Katie Smith

14-15 November 2012: Meeting of Museum Educators, Rijeka

2 November 2012: Adlib User Group Meeting, London
                                >view presentation by Carlien Fokke

25 October 2012: Annual customers meeting Mobydoc, Toulouse
                                >view presentation

18 October 2012: WDI Meeting, Brussels

15-17 October 2012: Berliner Herbsttreffen zur Museumsdokumentation, Berlin
                                >view presentation by Isabell Ehrlicher

12-13 October 2012: Slovenian Museum Association Convention, Maribor

27 September 2012: AGM Modes Software User Group 2012, Derby
                               >view presentation by Carolien Fokke

17 May 2012: Museum professional Meeting, Priština

9 May 2012: Galis User Meeting, Maribor


Publication: ECK Guide - Sharing collections with the Easy Connection Kit

27 February 2015

Download the final publication of Europeana Inside and get acquainted with the Easy Connection Kit and its benefits for sharing collections!...

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EU INSIDE Forward Plan

04 December 2014

Building on the achievements of the Europeana Inside project the Forward Plan sets out the framework for a transition to a stable, ongoing service...

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Europeana Inside Network on stage in Amsterdam

14 October 2014

Axiell launches Adlib's Europeana Connection Kit in Netherlands On Wednesday, October 22nd Axiell ( in cooperation with the national aggregator of The Netherlands (Digitale Collectie organise an open meeting at the Amsterdam Museum. At this meeting Axiell will launch the European...

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