From Inside: "Adapting ECK allows us to manage records that appear in Europeana from our system"

26 September 2014

The main motivation that drove the Petőfi Literary Museum to participate in Europeana Inside was to adapt the ECK (Europeana Connection Kit) in order to manage their records that appear on Europeana. Two and a half years later the museum reviews their experience in the project.

The Petőfi Literary Musuem (PIM) engages with audiences mainly through publishing their collection in their own OPAC and by organising exhibitions. Additionally, the museum enganges with initiatives to spread their content and give access to their objects through external online platforms. In the past PIM has participated in the Athena project (2008-2011), acting as a liaison for engaging institutions to participate in Europeana (e.g. the Hungarian Open air Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest). During Athena,they gave access to 1.194 metadata records through Europeana. They have participated also in Google Art project, for which digitalized images of 48 works of art where uploaded to the Google’s virtual museum through Google Online Content Upload System.

By participating in Europeana Inside, the museum has given access to further 10.000 records comprising highlights of their collections. Their working rutine has improved, and using their improved collections management system (CMS), the participation in Europeana has become easier. Having the Europeana records validator, they can check the records and easily export them.

The Petőfi Literary Musuem can today manage enrichments with their CMS, a usage they make of these enrichments is to improve the technical information on subject headings used in their catalogue process.


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