ECK-Workflow for sharing information about your collections

24 November 2014

An easy 5 step guide based in the various ECK implementations that helps institutions looking for a way to connect with aggregators....

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What's Inside? Animal postcards from the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences

01 October 2014

Discover the collection of postcards that our partner RBINS has provided access to via Europeana...

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From Inside: "We have obtained the knowhow and software to share collections in a more transparent way"

30 September 2014

The Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences has now a local tool to easily select and manage data for export...

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From Inside: "ECK helps keep data well organized and allows to provide content to multiple aggregators"

29 September 2014

The participation of the National Gallery - Alexander Soutzos Museum in Europeana Inside was a way of offering open access to its collections to the broad international public who visits the EUROPEANA site...

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From Inside: "Adapting ECK allows us to manage records that appear in Europeana from our system"

26 September 2014

The team at Petőfi Literary Museum reviews their experience during the project and shares the impact of adapting ECK in their system has had sharing information about their collections in Europeana....

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Publication: ECK Guide - Sharing collections with the Easy Connection Kit

27 February 2015

Download the final publication of Europeana Inside and get acquainted with the Easy Connection Kit and its benefits for sharing collections!...

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EU INSIDE Forward Plan

04 December 2014

Building on the achievements of the Europeana Inside project the Forward Plan sets out the framework for a transition to a stable, ongoing service...

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Europeana Inside Network on stage in Amsterdam

14 October 2014

Axiell launches Adlib's Europeana Connection Kit in Netherlands On Wednesday, October 22nd Axiell ( in cooperation with the national aggregator of The Netherlands (Digitale Collectie organise an open meeting at the Amsterdam Museum. At this meeting Axiell will launch the European...

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