What's Inside? Seixal Municipal Ecomuseum

21 May 2014

The Seixal Municipal Ecomuseum collection is made up of fixed cultural assets, floating heritage, moveable and integrated pieces, including archaeological, technical, industrial, artistic and ethnographic collections and, in its majority, deriving from within the geographic scope of the municipality. In addition to this material heritage, there is also an important collection of intangible cultural heritage representations, especially through the safeguard and conveying of techniques and knowhow bound up with such skills as milling, building traditional wooden vessels, wind-powered navigation and the mechanical production behind steam energy.

With the support of Mobydoc – Gestion Informatique, we will provide 17.000 digital objects to be delivered to Europeana, representative of the diversity of our collections. The selection presented through Europeana Inside, will comprise postcards, drawings, photographs and objects about romanization, ethnoceramic, traditional techniques of milling and tide mills, industrialization (mainly of cork, explosives, gunpowder and steal industries), and about the Seixal Municipal Ecomuseum itself. Archaeological and industrial sites as well as fluvial-maritime heritage within Seixal municipality and Tagus estuary (Portugal) will also be represented. The collections and cultural heritage represented illustrates a civilizational and historical timeline from prehistory to the 21st century with a special focus on the roman era and from the 16th century forward.

You can browse over 12.000 items of this museum in Europeana.

Miniature of a traditional boat 'Muleta' © CMS/EMS

Traditional boats sailing on the river Tagus © CMS/EMS

Anthropomorphic sculputre representing Mercury, a roman divinity © CMS/EMS

Achaeological excavation on the roman kilns within Quinta do Rouxinol site © CMS/EMS

Steam engine integrated on the Black Gunpowder circuit © CMS/EMS

The milling room of Corroios Tide Mill © CMS/EMS

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