ECK - download and documentation

The Europeana Connection Kit (ECK) is a suite of open-source tools to enable local Collections and Collections Management Systems to part-automate submission of content into Europeana and similar online platforms. Here you will find access to the components, documentation and information about its creators

Repository and technical documentation:

  • ECK Core
    This website provides direct access to the Core components of the ECK toolkit as well as to all modules that can be individually implemented and their documentation.

Technical Deliverables:

  • D4.6 Technical Specification Overall architecture for the Europeana Connection Kit (ECK).
  • D5.1 Production version of Europeana Inside This document provides evidence that all ECK modules and components were developed in the timeframe of the project, it also provides direct access to the individual modules.
  • D5.2 Integration Status Report This deliverable provides an overview of the status of the integration of the Europeana Connection Kit (ECK) into the systems provided by technical partner organisations.
  • D5.3 ECK Technical Documentation This document provides details of the location of technical documentation relating to the software components which were developed during the Europeana Inside.

List of technical Partners who have contributed to the developement of ECK Core modules or have implemented ECK in their technical systems:

  1. Knowledge Integration Ltd, UK
  2. zetcom AG, DE
  3. PostScriptum Information Architecture Ltd, GR
  4. System Simulation Ltd, UK
  5. LIBIS at the University of Leuven, BE
  6. KE Software Ltd, UK
  7. Mobydoc, FR
  8. iMinds, BE
  9. Adlib Informations Systems, NL
  10. Monguz Ltd, HU
  11. Semantika, SI
  12. SKINsoft Ltd, FR

List of collections management software products: