Welcome to Europeana Inside, the EU-funded network working to transform the ability of European cultural heritage institutions (museums, archives and libraries) to participate in the Europeana platform.

Facts & Figures

The Europeana Inside network includes 26 partners from 10 EU member states, with additional participants in the United States of America and South Africa. Some other key facts & figures include:

  • 26 participants
  • 15 cultural institutions
  • 5 national & thematic aggregators
  • 3.8m Euros
  • 30 months
  • 960,000 new records for Europeana
  • Start date: April 2012




3rd Network Event in Athens

08 April 2014

All partners involved in the Europeana Inside project meet in Athens on April 9-10 to discuss progress, share results and plan further actions....

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New Associate Partner from Hungary!

01 April 2014

Europeana Inside is growing. Today, we are glad to announce that the Dr. Kovács Pál Megyei Könyvtár és Közösségi Tér library in Győr (Hungary) has joined the project as a new Associate Partner. The library is a county library and the aggregator point for...

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Europeana Inside is growing!

27 February 2014

Europeana Inside is growing – both in content and technical partners. Today, we are happy to welcome the collection software provider Modes to our project. The Modes story started over 25 years ago when its software was first released for use by the Museums Documentation Association (MDA). Today Modes is a...

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