WP2 Specification

“Prototyping needs Technical Specification.”

We already know what the Europeana Connection Kit (ECK) will offer: tools which respond to the needs of the cultural institutions digital collections and their respective metadata to insert it to Europeana to get even more enriched metadata back at the end. Work Package 2 will specify these needs even more precise by the use of pre-existing knowledge, standards and tools. Europeana Inside will enhance the whole digitisation process of cultural heritage.

In other words, the objective of the second Work Package is to model and understand the use cases and technical and legal requirements of participation in Europeana in order to develop a functional requirement document setting out the range of functions and standards to be supported by the ECK. This functional requirement document will be used to develop a full Technical Specification which will inform the design and build of Europeana Inside in Work Package 3 “development”.

One of the tasks in this Work Package is to create a conceptual model of the range of functions the ECK needs to support in order to automate the submission of content from Content Management Systems and aggregator repositories into Europeana. A next step will be to model User Scenarios with the help of extracted knowledge and understanding of the technical and functional requirements of the ECK. Furthermore other standards specifications and requirements will be implemented in a set of Recommendations for Technical Standards for the ECK. In addition a statement of the functional requirements of the ECK as well as any related management interfaces will be integrated into Content Management Systems and Aggregator repositories.

Finally a detailed Technical Specification will be formulated for the European Connection Kit also including a set of Recommendations for the Representation of Europeana Licences in the Europeana Connection Kit with the support of a technical legal expert. Then the document will serve as ‘blueprint’ for the “development” phase in Work Package 3.

Work Package lead is Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland (DEN), NL.


Publication: ECK Guide - Sharing collections with the Easy Connection Kit

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Europeana Inside Network on stage in Amsterdam

14 October 2014

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