WP4 Content

“960,000 high quality records from 15 cultural institutions and 5 national or thematical aggregators by using the Europeana Connection Kit to deliver content to Europeana”

The tools, connectors and interfaces developed under Work Package 3 Development will be used in Work Package 4 to deliver a large quantity of rich digital content, including images and associated metadata for ingestion into Europeana.

The most important task in this period is to evaluate the robustness of Europeana Inside tools inside the Europeana Connection Kit in order to refine the Technical Specification to support Work Package 5 Production. The Work Package 4 will involve a number of Content Providers and Aggregators in a pilot programme to evaluate the potential for the dynamic re-ingestion of enriched metadata and user-generated Content back into participating systems.

“Test of the Export”
Each of the Content Providers will be asked to create a package of a small number of records using the Europeana Connection Kit and to prepare them for transmission to Europeana.This initial pilot serves as a training and development opportunity to help cultural institutions understand the purpose of the system. The technical support will be provided by the project coordinators and Work Package lead. The outcome of this control export will be evaluated in a Control Export Evaluation Report.

“Full Content Export”
Following the evaluation report in this second step a full export of the content will be implemented to be contributed to Europeana from the Content Provider System. A schedule will be drawn up to specify the order in which participating institutions will carry out the export of their data using the Europeana Connection Kit by dedicated technical support of the Work Package lead and the Technical Partners. Any bugs or recommended improvements will be integrated in a single Export Evaluation Report.

“Content Re-Ingestion Pilot”
In a third step the ability of the Europeana Connection Kit is tested and evaluated to act as a transport layer by which enhanced collections information will flow back from Europeana to source datasets with minimal intervention. In the Content-Reingestion Pilot five Content Providers and two Aggregator will be involved. At the end the pilot will be evaluated.

“Evaluation of Content Strand”
Every evaluation report of the respective steps will be incorporated in a summative evaluation.

“Production of Technical Specification”
By this point of the project the process will have generated a considerable body of knowledge and best practice in the functionality and development of Europeana Connection Kit. At the end of Work Package 4 this knowledge will be captured in the form of a Revised Technical Specification Report.

Work Package lead is Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis / Royal Museums of Art & History (KMKG), BE.


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